Info Gloria is in the process of combining services with International Jyväskylä – Info Center. These information services provide a help desk for immigrants where you can ask any question related to your life and daily living. The International Jyväskylä – Info Center provides information about immigrants’ rights and obligations in Finland. For example, you can ask for guidance with:

  • work
  • education and training
  • resident permit
  • citizenship related issues
  • social and health services

You can obtain guidance in Finnish and English every day. However, there are eight languages in which you can get guidance from counselors once a week (look at the timetable below) without making an appointment. All the guides also speak Finnish and English. The service is free, confidential and open to everyone regardless of their background and their reasons for immigrating to Finland.

The Info Center is located at Asemakatu 4 in the centre of Jyväskylä.
You can also find more information on their direct website:

Contact information


  • Maarit Piruzdelan
    Coordinator of Immigrant Information, Finnish and English Language Adviser,
    +358400 275 163
    Mon. – Fri. 10 – 16


  • Maryam Mousapour
    Persian and Dari Language Adviser
    +35850 5987691
    Mon. 13 – 16


  • Anna Randel
    Russian and Estonian Language Adviser
    +35850 5987691
    Tue. 13 – 16


  • Taina Vilkkilä
    Thai and Lao Language Adviser
    +35850 5987691
    Wed. 13 – 16


  • Nael Soukouti
    Arabic Language Adviser
    +35850 5987691
    Thu. 13 – 16

Updated 02.12.2020