• Supporting multicultural groups
  • Building an open and equal forum
  • Supporting a sense of community and belonging
  • Awareness of sustainability in all activities
  • Bringing together different people and communities
  • Cooperating in different networks


We value respect, equality, humanity, acceptance of diversities and justice, which shows in our work in the following ways :

  • We respect everyone’s effort and activities regardless of nationality, age, gender, status, education, ability, orientation, religion and opinions.
  • Despite our diverse backgrounds, we treat each other fairly, equally, with acceptance and respect for difference of opinions.
  • We respect nature and the environment.
  • We work reliably and responsibly.
  • We help each other to reach our goals.
  • We allow ourselves and others to make mistakes.
  • We try to identify our fears and prejudices and discuss them openly.
  • We use our eyes, ears, and understanding when forming views of others.
  • We look for solutions by negotiating together.

You can find more information about Gloria from the PowerPoint presentation below

About Gloria in English (pdf)


Updated 22.3.2022