We will not be admitting trainees to Gloria any more this autumn.

During your time as an intern at Gloria, you will help to plan and guide different groups and activities.
You will do this task together with employees, trainees and volunteers.

Gloria’s main language is Finnish, but you will hear many others during your time at Gloria, and it is welcomed for you to speak as many languages as you know.

We take inters from many different schools, you can be studying e.g. Finnish language, primary school, vocational school or at University.
We can take up to 40 inters during 1 year so make sure to contact us in good time.


If you want to get to know more about our activities, rules and the role you will have here, we organize general information on the last Wednesday of very month from 3-4 PM
Finally, you will receive personal guidance on planning if you wish.
We recommend the general information meeting for anyone interested in becoming an Intern at Gloria.


For more information, contact Michaël Fandi,
Email: michael.fandi@gloriajkl.fi
Phone: +358 50 438 4267


Updated 26.10.2023