Youth Groups

Gloria’s youth work is targeted mainly at 17-29 year old multicultural young people.
We plan, organize and carry out open and closed groups for youth.

Open groups include, for example,

  • Gaming evening every Tuesday from 4pm-7pm (PS4 & board games) 
  • Finnish conversation group (BlaaBlaaBlaa) every Thursday from 4pm-6pm
  • There are also occasional youth hangouts where we watch Movies, listen to Music or cook together.

These activities provide young people the opportunity to meet new people and hang out in a safe environment.

With the young adults, we also organize events and improve Gloria’s youth work (Nuorisotiimi, Youth team) and make an impact on things the youth consider important.

You can also get personal guidance from a member of Gloria.

Check our weekly schedule for more details.

For more information contact Rauf Rahimi.
Phone: +358 50 4422052