All family members can participate in almost all of the activities in Gloria. Adults without children are also welcome to participate in the groups.

Monimessi family café is held every week (Fri 10-12:30). Other established groups gather monthly: Evening Monimessi (Tue 5-7 pm), Brunch for multilingual families (Sat 10:30 AM– 1 PM), Dutch toddlers (Sat 5-7 PM) and Latin Kids Saturday (Sat 4-6 PM). In addition to this, family groups with different themes (music, visual arts) and language and culture related family groups (Filipino families) have been gathering in Gloria.

The support groups are usually held during a certain period of time and have 5-10 meetings. The common factor for the participants involved are typically language, cultural background or life situation and experiences. Gloria offers support, orientation and training to the leaders of the groups.

For more information, contact Anu Juurakko: or +358401627881