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Multicultural Center Gloria is a place for different people and cultures to meet.
Together with the visitors, Gloria organises multicultural activities for all the citizens of Jyväskylä.

Gloria stands for equality, working against racism and prejudice by organizing events and discussions about multiculturalism aiming to promote inclusion and integration.

Many different groups gather in Gloria and multicultural and ethnic groups can use the space for free.
It is possible to organise courses, events and exhibitions in the premises.
Volunteers can participate in activities or give ideas for new ones.

Contact us – come and see, come and experience!


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Gloria staff

Arja Miettinen
Arja Miettinen


    Saara Jäntti
    Saara Jäntti

    Volunteer work coordinator

      Michaël Fandi
      Michaël Fandi

      Community educator, English teacher

        Elena Uusimäki
        Elena Uusimäki


            Milla Loutelamio
            Milla Loutelamio

            Communications coordinator/Producer

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