Monimessi offers multicultural activities where everyone of all ages is welcome. The purpose is to spend time together with family with a child-centered approach. Each Monimessi session includes breakfast, for which a small fee is charged, songs, games, and crafts or other similar activities, as well as peer support for parents. There is also the opportunity to use and learn everyday Finnish. Monimessi has developed its own family-friendly songs from the beginning, so that even the youngest family members can participate. Over time, these songs have evolved into something unique. The melodies are taken from well-known children’s songs, but the lyrics are created in the family cafe. Monimessi has weekly changing themes, which can address topics such as parenting and child-rearing. Themes may also relate to nearby holidays or special days, such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and more. Initially, Monimessi was held on Monday mornings, and nowadays it takes place on Friday mornings.


Events and workshops are created based on the wishes of visitors and typically revolve around a specific cultural theme, such as food culture, crafts, music, and more. The events also offer coffee, tea, and homemade desserts. Often, the aim is to organize these evenings with the assistance of volunteers to keep the costs low. The idea for the event often comes from a visitor, and together, we start planning the framework and theme for the event.


In the crafts group, a variety of different crafts are created. Each session is themed, such as basket weaving, knitting, patchwork, dream catchers, and more. Participants can also bring their own ongoing projects to work on. You can also lead the crafts group with the assistance of the responsible person and utilize your own skills. The themes and ideas for each session are planned and collected twice a year at the beginning of each semester, with the season’s structure being formed based on the ideas and preferences of the participants. You can work on your own crafts as well, regardless of the theme.